World Poker Tour Review


It didn't take long for the World Poker Tour to become a household name after its not-so-humble beginnings in cable syndication on the Travel Channel in 2002. The "WPT" is basically a host of ongoing Texas Hold'em tournaments across the globe, although its official website gives the average (and humble) poker player a chance at their virtual tables.

Games Offered

Online poker tournaments are held at and include the classics of poker like No Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Elimination Blackjack.

Site Membership

A monthly subscription basically buys you in to the tables at ClubWPT using a rewards system called tournament points. You eventually can vie for the big bucks by accumulating more and more tournament points. Like most online poker sites, you can give it a try for 2 weeksA first or opt for the basic, free package without all the perks.

Game Play

If you're curious about the rooms at ClubWPT, you're in luck. This online poker room is now televised on Fox Sports Net! Real ClubWPT card sharks and amateurs play in real life and full episodes are available on both and


The World Poker Tour is constantly hosting poker tournaments around the world, although there are online tournaments. When you sign up for a monthly subscription to ClubWPT, you can play for free inA the Open Hold'Em and Elimination Blackjack freeroll tournaments


This is definitely one of the more attractive online poker rooms. Since you play with your peers and not against a computer, there's a live chatting option even if you don't have monthly subscription. You can invite your friends to play blackjack at a table with you for free, which is a great learning opportunity for beginners.

Customer Support

For monthly subscribers, any issues can be addressed in a live chat box with support personnel. Customer support via email is available to to everyone.


Every month, players compete for $100,000. That's just the lead in to all the promotions that make ClubWPT what it is today: overwhelming cash jackpots, luxurious prizes, and opportunities to play with the big dogs of poker. It seems like there's always something huge going on.