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PokerChamps Freerolls are back

PokerChamps have re-introduced their daily freeroll tournaments. Currently, Poker Champs is offering half hourly $25 free roll tournaments as well as a $100 free roll once per day

As the name suggests, freeroll tournaments are free to enter and give you the opportunity to win cash rewards if you do well. Sites offer freerolls in order to attract new business. If you are new to online poker, freerolls are a great way to get some experience in tournament play where there are real cash rewards. Experienced ring game players venturing to the tournament scene for the first time will also find freeroll tournaments beneficial.

PokerChamps is owned by a series of poker players headed up by Gus Hanson. Since its established at the end of 2004 the site has quickly grown into a profitable poker room.
In my opinion PokerChamps is one of the better sites to play at on the net because of their software and the promotions they offer.

Party Poker Buys Empire Poker

The trend in consolidation in the online poker industry has continued during 2006 with Party Poker announcing today that they plan to acquire Empire Poker in an out of court settlement.
In December 2005, Party Poker cut Empire Poker’s legs off by announcing that they were separating their own gambling platform from that used by partners such as Empire Poker. The move culminated in a profit warnings from Empire. The two companies have been engaged in legal battle since Party Poker’s split.

Party Poker’s site acquisition is believed to have cost $250 Million USD. The acquisition is expected to boost Party Poker’s revenue during 2006. It is likely that Party Poker will reach 100,000 players logged on simultaneously early this year on the back of steady growth in the online poker industry and the Empire Poker acquisition.

Party Poker Software Update

Written by Administrator    Thursday, 16 March 2006 Ok, I am an idiot! I don’t often start a news article off like that, but I have to admit I made a horrendous blunder when I reviewed Party Poker’s software update last month. I missed the most important feature! You can now change the size of each table. In fact, you can now play 16 tables at once, if your computer has the capabilities.

I can hardly be blamed for missing this feature. The tables looked more or less exactly the same after the update, and there was little information from Party Poker about the benefits of the new update. I ended up reading about this feature on a forum and quickly went off and tried it! I can tell you first hand that the days of having to navigate between windows if you a playing 4 or more tables or have an average screen resolution are gone. Just make the window a bit smaller, just like you would with any other windows window.

InterPoker pocket kings promotion

For every pair of Kings dealt on Texas Hold’em tables with blind levels of at least 0.25/0.50 (No Limit) & 0.50/1 (Limit) InterPoker will pay out $10 !

In order to get your $10 you MUST copy down the hand number and make your claim through the InterPoker website. Check out the website to download the claim from.

Last time InterPoker ran this promotion they gave away over $70,000 !!

This promotion will run Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August from midnight to midnight ET (48 hours).

You MUST claim before midday (ET) on Monday 22nd August using the website form (an easy link to this is available from the InterPoker home page). Credits will be made on Monday and Tuesday after checks are made. Two Kings must be dealt to you (not community cards). One on One games, Play for Fun, Tournament play and the lowest money tables are excluded from this offer.

Australian Joseph Hachem wins 2005 World Series of Poker

First time World Series of Poker entrant Joseph Hachem today won the $10,000 no limit Holdem main event and in the process pocketed a record US $7.5 million dollar prise pool.

Hachem beat a record field of more than five thousand entrants. Ironically, Hackem won the tournament holding 7,3 one of the worst starting hands in Holdem. When the board came 4,5,6 Hachem’s straight was good enough to beat remaining opponent Steve Dannenmann.

Hackem, an Adelaide man who regularly plays poker at Crown Casino in Melbourne, was greeted with shouts of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!” from his fellow countrymen.