Party Poker Software Update

Written by Administrator    Thursday, 16 March 2006 Ok, I am an idiot! I don’t often start a news article off like that, but I have to admit I made a horrendous blunder when I reviewed Party Poker’s software update last month. I missed the most important feature! You can now change the size of each table. In fact, you can now play 16 tables at once, if your computer has the capabilities.

I can hardly be blamed for missing this feature. The tables looked more or less exactly the same after the update, and there was little information from Party Poker about the benefits of the new update. I ended up reading about this feature on a forum and quickly went off and tried it! I can tell you first hand that the days of having to navigate between windows if you a playing 4 or more tables or have an average screen resolution are gone. Just make the window a bit smaller, just like you would with any other windows window.