Lock Poker Integrates Stats

Online poker room Lock Poker has just announced some great news for their players.  They are going to be integrating some great detailed player statistics software onto their website.  This new software comes from Shark Scope and it will give all players the ability to better gauge the skill of the people they are playing against.

Lock Poker have stated that the advanced player statistics that are being provided by Shark Scope are going to be integrated into the Lock Poker dashboard giving customers the ability to view their own statistics and they will also be able to search the statistics of their opponents too.

According to Lock Poker their aim is to provide a superior online poker experience and they are determined to take the online poker industry by storm.  On the Lock Poker website the player comes first and they have stated that this will always be the driving force in their business.

Lock Poker will be the first online poker website to integrate software from Shark Scope and all their online players will also be able to shop at the online store using the secure dashboard application that will also be added.

Shark Scope stated that they are delighted to be working with Lock Poker and this will allow them to bring their years of experience in the display and analysis of poker statistics directly to all the online poker players on the Lock Poker website.  Players will be able to track all their tournament results and examine their statistics in great detail.  This will allow all the online poker players to find new ways of increasing their profits.

It sounds like a great addition to the Lock Poker website and I’m sure all their online poker players will agree that these statistics are going to make playing on the Lock Poker website even better.  It sounds like it is going to be a great integration and one that all players on the Lock Poker website are sure to be impressed by.  With all the statistical information that is going to be made available you will be able to assess your components and your own skills whenever you want.

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