Visit Amaragosa Valley Long Street Inn Casino

Most of the time we tell you all about fun online casinos you can visit. However, with the winter holidays coming often people decide it’s time to take a trip. If you are into travel and playing casino games you will need to make it to Nevada, USA at least once in your lifetime for the true Vegas experience. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go to Las Vegas. There is plenty of fun to be had at Amargosa Valley for Poker players such as yourself.

Senior Discounts And Free Parking

Some of the perks available when you visit Long Street Inn Casino in Amaragosa Valley, Nevada are free parking at the casino and senior discounts. Senior discounts apply to players age 55 and older who will receive a 10% discount off food. That’s a big savings. Of course, the more you deposit at this online casino the more perks will be tossed your way.

Affordable Vegas Vacation With RV Resort

One of the fun things about Long Street Casino is that it is also an RV resort. So you can fly in, or drive in comfortably. This casino location is about 91 miles northwest of Las Vegas on Highway 95 and has a 51-space RV park in addition to the Longstreet Inn Casino which offers 59 rooms for player comfort in an affordable mid-range price.

24 Hour Convenience At Amaragosa Valley

There is a handy 24 hour convenience store next to the Longstreet Inn Casino and RV Resort, so you can find any necessities or extras you need for your stay. Of course, you will want to be knowing about the poker games. There are no table games at the Longstreet Inn Casino, so that means that everything you do poker wise is going to be video poker. However, the selection is nice for players who appreciate variety.

Book Your Stay At Longstreet Inn Casino

It’s easy to book your casino stay at the Longstreet Inn Casino and RV Resort. You can visit their website at It is laid out nicely and will provide you with plenty of additional information about vacation pricing and accomodations. You can learn more about the games the casino offers, as well as information about the surrounding area of Amaragosa Valley so you can maximize your trip. Of course, you can always drive over to Vegas too.