Visit Battle Mountain Nevada Hotel & Casino

Last week we told you about a hot vacation spot in the United States for Casino players called Long Street Inn Casino & Rv Resort. This week we will be sharing another fun location near Las Vegas where you can vacation. Read on to learn more about the Battle Mountain area Nevada Hotel & Casino.

Battle Mountain Is 215 Miles NE of Reno, Nevada

A bit away for Vegas, but near another Nevada hotspot, you can be sure you will find great gaming at the Nevada Hotel & Casino. You will have a lot of fun playing poker games at this smaller sized casino which is just 840 Square Feet. Due to the size, the casino does not offer any craps or roulette gaming, but you will be too busy with poker to notice.

No Overnight Parking

The Battle Mountain Nevada Hotel & Casino is small in a small town, and makes a nice retreat for people who want that casino gaming experience but not necessarily quite so much of the flashing lights, glitz and glamour that most people associate with Vegas and Reno gambling sites. However, this doesn’t mean you will get a less than fabulous experience when you stay at the Nevada Hotel & Casino. Only casino guest can park overnight, and there is no RV parking allowed at all. So, you can expect a quite outdoor environment when you choose Battle Mountain, Nevada as a vacation destination.

Easy Access To Hotel And Casino

Whether driving or using air travel and a rental care, you can easily access the Nevada Hotel & Casino from Front Street, which is well known in the area. Folks are also keen on giving directions and you will find a friendly family environment in the Battle Mountain area despite it’s waring name. This little casino does pack a punch, and it provides jobs for several of the local residents despite it’s smaller size. What this means is everybody knows everyone else and you get a real small town appeal to your vacation.

Visit Nearby Reno Or Stay And Play

Many casino players who choose to come and play poker at the Nevada Hotel & Casino choose to stay and play to their hearts content for the duration of their vacation. Of course, if you find you want even more action the short 215 mile drive up the road will take you to the heart of Reno.