Are guaranteed monthly reload deposit bonuses a thing of the past at Party Poker?

Are guaranteed monthly reload deposit bonuses a thing of the past at Party Poker?

Over the last couple of months Party Poker has reduced the total number of reload deposit poker bonuses on offer. Party Poker is now offering bonuses to "selected customers" which have been identified by their marketing department. It seems the days of generic bonus codes, which apply to everyone, are a thing of the past.

Furthermore, the bonuses that have been offered in recent months to these selected customers have varied between customers. Some customers are offered a 15% deposit bonus to a maximum of $75, while others are offered a full bonus of $100. Presumably, Party Poker has a complicated formula to identify those customers who it will be most beneficial to give a bonus. This has been confirmed by correspondence that a regular reader of this website had with Party Poker after not receiving a November Bonus (see below).

"We would like to inform you that our targeted bonus promotions are offered only to selected players, chosen by our marketing team. As you were not among the chosen list of players, we regret to inform you that you will not be eligible for the bonus.

However, we would like you to know that offers special promotions to different sets of players from time to time. Therefore, please do not be disappointed if you do not qualify for the bonus promotions this time, as you may qualify for a bigger and better bonus in the days to come."

It will certainly be interesting to see whether Party Poker continue this new policy during 2006. Let's hope that Party Poker is merely trying to cut down on the number of bonus whores buy offering bonuses to legitimate customers. If this is the case then their new policy is not likely to affect the general masses.