InterCasino Poker Review


InterCasino Poker is Licensed and operated from Curacao by CCMH NV.


Hold'em Omaha 7-Card Stud 5-Card Stud Draw Crazy Pineapple Razz
    Hi/Lo 8 or better
    Pot Limit
    No Limit
    Multi Table Tournaments

Information on the rake is not really easy to find. From playing experience the rake is 25 cents every $5 till the pot reaches $60, which is not particularly attractive.

Games can be played in either US Dollar or Sterling or Euro tables.. This site has some of the highest limits on the net. Players can play real money games for $100/$200 in any of the currencies. For the smaller limit players $1/$2 games are the smallest that customers can play. This site does not really accommodate the micro limit players needs. Currently, there is not really that much high limit action, mainly the small limits get a workout.


This site, though relatively new, has attracted many poker players in a short period. One of the reasons is the undoubted popularity of InterCasino Poker. I am certain that many of the casino goers have decided to play a bit of poker as well. The site generally has from between 100 to 500 players playing and this number is likely to grow as the site becomes better known.


From my brief experience at this site I have found game play to be really excellent. There seems to be a common theme with new poker sites, that are subsidiaries of large casinos, in that many gamblers with little poker experience tend to play. Of course over time expert players flock to this sites, but and the games become tougher, but there seems to be a honeymoon period for a while good where profits can be made.


This software is very simply setup, which I really like. The graphics a big and clear. This site is one of the few sites that has voice options. The dealer will tell you when he/she is dealing cards, when the flop is coming and so on which is a great idea but may get a bit tiresome after a while. This feature can be easily toggled at any rate. The software is as good as any on the net and runs very smoothly. It seems that all new entrants into the poker industry incorporate all the good aspects of other sites in addition to a few new things that they bring. One thing the site may look at is increasing the time allowed for players to make decisions. The time clock seems to tick very fast for my liking, but other may appreciate the faster games.

Players are allowed 1 all-in with the option to reset all ins if you have to abused the privilege in the past.


InterCasino Poker offers free 24*7 support to all our customers. If you have any questions at all please call the below numbers

1-866 687-7926 if you live in North America +800-2467-9261 if you live in Europe or elsewhere. This site does not have online support at this stage.

Or you can email