Ladbrokes Review


Hold'em Omaha 7-Card Stud 5-Card Stud Draw Crazy Pineapple Razz
    Hi/Lo 8 or better
    Pot Limit
    No Limit
    Multi Table Tournaments

Game limits are from $0.5/$1 to $50/$100


Ladbrokes is a medium level poker site, but it growing rapidly. The site has around 200-500 players playing, and is around the 5th largest room. One of the advantages of having an account at Ladbrokes is that peak time for play at this site differs from sites that are based around the US. So in effect you can play poker all day every day (and I have from time to time). This is fine for non US citizens, but the site does not permit US players to play for legal reasons.


Ladbrokes is hard to beat in terms of game play. The site is filled with sports betting fans that have spilled over to internet poker. Sports betting fans are sometimes (actually often) mad gamblers. The pot limit and no limit games are very rewarding at this site. I have seen players go all in on ace high from time to time.


The software at this site is the same as that used at Wsex and The Poker Club and, in general, is well tested and very reliable. You will not see complicated graphics at this site, but everything runs smoothly. I really like the sites with simple graphics the best. Players can play a maximum of two tables and can record player notes. The lobby provides percentage preflop statistics as well as average pot.


This is one area that Ladbrokes could certainly improve. Most of their customer support is geared towards their monster sports betting and casino business. They do have live online support on their website, but from my experience the operators cannot instantaneously answer poker questions.


The site offers a $30 incentive for new accounts for deposits of $30 or more. The site also has a $250 daily high hand bonus, which is usually won with the royal flush.