888 Poker Review


888 Poker is a subsidiary of Cassava Enterprises, Ltd, which owns and operates Casino-on-Net.

Casino-on-Net is one of the oldest and biggest online casinos, operating since 1996.

Intersafe Global Europe Limited, Gibraltar, the E-cash subsidiary of 888 Poker, is the provider of all E-cash and Credit Card processings to 888 Poker Players.


PacficPoker use to offer only Hold'em, but have recently introduced Omaha and 7-Card Stud.

Hold'em Omaha 7-Card Stud 5-Card Stud Draw Crazy Pinapple Razz
    Hi/Lo 8 or better
    Pot Limit
    No Limit

Limits are form $0.05/$0/1 to $20/$40


The site is a medium to small poker room, with about 200 players playing in peak times in real money games. It is hard to get a reading on how many players are playing, since no direct statistics are available and real and play money players are not counted together when calculating site numbers. However, the site has only been in operation for a short time and is likely to make a significant impact in the online poker world.


The games here are fantastic. I'll bet many CasinoOnNet.com members are also playing at 888 poker, which makes the games juicy because they are full of gamblers. You might think that is a stupid thing to say (a poker table full of gamblers). But I consider professional poker players, that make a living out of the game, as investors, I count systematic losers who play for enjoyment as gamblers and 888Poker has many of these.


The table layout is just about the best on the net. The only problem is it runs slowly. I am sure in the future that improvements will be made to get it up to speed. Recent updates have improved the speed of play.


For some reason cash outs a this poker site are a bit on the slow side, but they always come (which is encouraging). I think their processing problems are due to legal arrangements requirements post September 11.

Customer support deal with problems promptly through emails.


There is also a 25% sign up poker bonus up to $50 for new players.

Also periodically they deposit $20 in your account as a kind of good will. This has dropped off recently, but did create some good will (as you can imagine).