Paradise Poker Review


Paradise Poker is one the world’s largest online poker room in terms of numbers and is one of the oldest established in 1999. When I first started playing online poker, Paradise Poker was the holy grail of online poker sites. This site is still in the top 3 sites in terms of numbers, but has not grown at the same rate as Party Poker.


Paradise Poker have one of the biggest selection of games.

Hold'em Omaha 7-Card Stud 5-Card Stud Draw Crazy Pineapple Razz
    Hi/Lo 8 or better
    Pot Limit
    No Limit
    Multi Table Tournaments

Paradise Poker have one of the biggest selection of game types. Limits are from $0.02/$0.0.4 through to $20/$40. You won't find the super high limits, but the site does have some great micro games for new poker players.

Paradise Poker are one of the few sites that offer a rake free real money game. The no rake game is offered for micro limit $0.02/$0.04 and $0.05/0.1 games. In addition, Paradise Poker offer excellent value for $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 games with a max rake of $1. This compares favorably to many other sites. For higher limit games the rake is also very reasonable, being 5 per cent capped at $3. But the rake is always rounded down according to the schedule below. So if the pot gets to $25 on a $10/$20 game, Paradise Poker will only take $1. Other sites will take (0.05*25) = $1.25. If you are interested see the rake schedule below.


This is the third largest online poker room. I have seem more than 7,000-10,000 real money players online at one time and the site averages about 5000 real money players.

Paradise Poker was once the largest, but has been over taken by Party Poker and faces stiff competition from PokerStars and Ultimatebet among others. This site recently increased their promotions, and have had a bit of a growing spurt as a result. This growth is likely to continue during 2005 with the introduction of Paradise Poker's affiliate program in February 2005.


Games at this site are of average difficulty. For low limit games there is particularly particularly good action. For higher limit games, such as the $20/$40 games, many good players are at the table. This site was once a very touch site to win at, but with the recent influx of new players the site has loosened up considerably. Definitely worth a go.


Few would doubt that Paradise Poker has the best software on the market. The graphics are very neat and the site runs at light speed for the amount of traffic it generates. I have rarely heard of server troubles at this site. Furthermore, some nice features are available. You can view your stats during a session. Things like hands played, % of wins and lots more is available. For mine, Paradise Poker has the best software on the market.


Customer support is very good at Paradise Poker. You would expect it would have to be to generate the amount of site traffic that the site does. Emails are generally answered within 10 minutes. There is no online live support, but emails do the job.


Paradise Poker offer some of the best tournament action around. This is no doubt due to the large number of players that frequent this site, which leads to well participated tournaments. Paradise Poker offer multi-table, mini-tournaments, 1-1 tournaments and even private tournaments. Perhaps the most popular tournament that Paradise Poker run is the $100,000 guaranteed hold'em tournament run every Sunday (at 5pm eastern standard time).


The site has very little in the way of promotions. One can obtain a 15% deposit bonus up to $50 on signup. Paradise Poker do offer $100 re-load poker bonuses from time to time.

Rake Schedule


6 +$1$1$1$3

* note that $3/$6 Draw will rake the same as the Low limit tables above

6 +$1$1$1$3

2-10No Rake