Red Kings Poker Review


Red Kings Poker is another UK site out of Gibraltar and that alone is enough to generate interest in the site. The site has grown at a remarkable rate since it went online just a short while ago. This site is not just another Internet poker room as it offers many benefits to their players such as the bonus deal, game selection, great tournament schedules and a very unusual bonus on two red Kings. A player dealt to red Kings gets an automatic bonus of $300.

The ambiance of the site is conducive to player enjoyment and make playing online fun and maybe lucrative. There is a large range of poker games as will as side games and even a way to get to some of the major tournaments in the world.

The site is offered in a number of languages and currencies for the benefit of the players.


Since this is a poker site, you will find both ring and tournament Holdem games at a large range of limits and entry fees. The prizes of the tournaments determine the entry fee. Other poker games include Omaha both Hi only and Hi Low or stud for the those that like classic poker. The list of games is inclusive enough that there is a game for almost every poker player. This means that players can play in games where their comfort level is well within the risk levels that the player can live with an not feel any pressure about losses.


Player count is an excellent count at over 14,000 players on a Saturday morning which is more than enough players to keep the games filled and able to start new games up. The site is doing really well at attracting new players and keeping existing players.


The lower limit games are filled with players that are learning to play and as the limits go up the player skill increases as that is typical on many sites. The tournaments have a percentage of players that depend on luck alone to win and those that know what they are doing. The very skilled player has a real chance in these tournaments on this site.


Red Kings uses the Ongame software platform to run the site and the glitches have been removed so the site is smooth with very few problems over a long period of time. This software presents no problems to the players during a game.


Support is done 24/7 via email, Phone, Fax or by Live Chat. The support staff is diligent and can answer most questions immediately unless the question needs some research to get the correct answers. As with most good sites, Red Kings is proud of their support program.


The new player chooses from six different deposit bonus programs when maKings their first deposit. The matching bonuses range on these programs from $250 up to $1000. There are other bonuses like referral bonuses or reload an account bonuses that are offered at times of the sites choosing.


Red Kings Poker is an interesting and very playable poker site that has many unique bonus deals that are not seen on many other sites.. The matching bonus on the first deposit is different since the player picks the bonus arrangement they want in place or the Two Red Kings bonus that is all about pure luck and worth a nice spiff of $300. The game choices are excellent and the player count is high enough that games will stay live over time. All in all the site is worth any players time and a little money to give a try.