Titan Poker Review


As with many of the better sites on the Net USA players cannot play at Titan poker. Titan poker is a relatively new site that has caught on with the public very well. The site not only offers poker, but has a sportsbook and a bingo room. The games range over enough limits and prizes that any player can find a game to their liKings. the site is obviously doing many things right to have the growth that it has enjoyed in the short time it has been online.


Titan is a poker site, sportsbook and bingo site all in one. The poker games offered include Holdem, Omaha HI and Hi Low, Seven Card and Five Card Stud. The games are ring games as well as Holdem Tournaments.


Current players online is over 15,000. With a player count this high, the site has no difficulty setting over a 1000 games at a time in both ring games and tournaments. the best poker room not only has real money games, but satellites that are for major tournaments like the WSOP or the ESOP. This is becoming more important as many players want to get a shot at the big money these major tournaments payout to players that make the final table.


The reviews suggest that the player skill level is a little soft and may be a great place for an experienced player to hand a hat. this is excellent news for experienced Omaha Hi Low players as this game is not as easy as it seems and even an Ace Deuce hand can be tired or not even be a good low hand at the end of the deal. If your are a good poker player this site may be a good fit for a player of that skill level. A few playing sessions will let any player know if they are in over their head or have a playing advantage.


The software in use on this site was developed by Playtech and is maintained on the site.


Customer support is a 24/7 operation via phone, email, Fax or Live Chat. The staff can readily answer most questions and if research is needed it may take a little longer to get the accurate answer. Titan poker knows his area of a gaming site is critical and the way the support is run is indicative of their customer care.


New player first deposit receives a bonus of 100% up to $500. Other bonuses are open to the player like a referral bonus or a reload the account bonus. Every Sunday the site gives away a guaranteed prize group of over $250,000. The other interesting bonus is what they call Mr Speedy Alert system that alerts the players to import news from the site like an up and coming tournament. All one must do is download the system onto the desktop. Some of the progressive jackpots the site are over $50,000 to $15,000. Another promotion that the site carries is the World Challenge Tournament that is held each year for qualified players.


Another good site from the UK that offers games and promotions that are mouth watering and make a good poker player sit up an play. There are numerous game choices on the site and a limit or no limit game for any player that plays poker. The standard type poker games are well covered on the site so a player can play Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha Hi Low as an example. A few playing sessions for any player will tell the tale if this site is a fit for the player or not.