William Hill Poker Review


William Hill has been around in the UK for several decades as it is and was one of England's best known sports betting companies (starting in 1934) before it went online in 2002 and then was made over in 2009. The site is very well attended by UK and European players, but does not allow US players at this time. During peak playing hours in the UK or Europe, the traffic is solid and games stay full or new games are easy to get set up. The sports book association works well of the poker site as players that are truly punters will play poker, but the games are rater loose and good poker players will find the skill level lower than one finds on many poker sites. The higher limit games can be tough and a player needs to bring their A game to these poker tables.


The site schedules a full range of limits, entry fees and types of poker games which include Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi Low and Stud poker games. William Hill also has a casino, a bingo site and an online sports betting site. The poker games include games with very low limits to games for high rollers. There are freeroll tournament games as well as tournaments that offer significant prize money and have entry fees that are in line with the tournament prize. Most of William Hill ring games and tournament games are easily attended and stay live in the case of cash games and the tournaments normally have a decent number of players.


During peak hours the site reports there are over 2,500 real money Holdem players and over 12,000 tournament players. The site has a consistent growth rate and a reputation that existing players have a tendency to stay and play as the games are frequent. There is a game for most players of the cash variety or the tournament games.


The site reports that there is a high percentage of players that see the flops and the No Limit games can be wild with gambling on the flops. The limits in the cash games will tell most players about the skill level required to play in these games. The higher the limits the better the players in most games.


William Hill uses Play Tech and Cryptologic (through 2010) The use of Play Tech is a partnership.


Customer support is handled via Live Chat, email, phone and Fax. The support staff is well trained and can usually answer most questions that player bring to the support people. If the question takes research to answer, the time for an accurate response can be extended.


The welcome bonus is $700 paid out at the rate of $50 a month after the first $100 or £50. This is earned by getting to the site via the Top15Poker sites. The standard new player bonus on the site itself is up to £400 matching poker bonus of a the first deposit. there many poker game bonuses and bad beat deals via the site and the play in the special promotion games.


This is a super poker site with excellent games, a great reputation in gaming circles and a bonus program that while not the biggest, is more than adequate. The players from the sports betting operation give continuous action to the poker games and in some cases make the games a little softer than one would expect on a site like this. If you can play here do yourself a favor and give it a trial run for a day or so.